Summer Grasses for Grazing: Demonstration Tours

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When: Tuesday, August 22
Afternoon Tour Time – 1 p.m., Evening Tour Time – 5:30 p.m.
Newton Extension Office 1175 S. Brady Ave. Newton, NC

Chase Blalock Arrive 1:25(5:55); Leave:1:55(6:20)
3297 S. Hwy 127, Hickory, NC
Near Old Mt. View Fire Dept., water tower, and
Food Lion & Mt. View Home and Garden Center
Propst CrossRoads Hwys 10 x 127 Arrive: 2:05(6:25); Leave:2:30(6:50)
5770 W NC Hwy 10, Hickory, NC
Just west of Lutz Farm and Garden and Crossroads Pharmacy
Rob Kalmbacher Farm
2348 Killian Road Lincolnton, NC Arrive: 2:50(7:10); Leave: 3:25(7:35)
Clarence Hood Farm
2690 Sigmon Dairy Road, Newton, NC Arrive: 3:45(7:55); Leave:4:15(8:15)
Newton Extension Office 1175 S. Brady Ave. Newton Arrive 4:25(8:25 p.m.)
2 Hours of Pesticide Credits are available for catagories; N, O, D, X
A number of grass demonstration sites planted in Catawba and Lincoln County
are doing very well this summer. If you are interested in an afternoon or evening
tour of grasses that grow best throughout the summer for all grazing animals, put
Tuesday, August 22 on your calendar. Free tours, starting in Catawba County and ending in Lincoln County, are planned for 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. We will look at
the effect of grazing cattle in small groups vs grazing cattle in a large group for a
short period of time. We will see how killing the grass vs mowing it short affects
the planting of summer annuals. We will observe how using fertilizer vs not using
fertilizer affects 12 different varieties in this well-watered summer. The
demonstration will also show the effects of weed growth in varieties that did not
start out well or where seeds were planted deeper than recommended.
Johnny Rogers, NCSU Amazing Grazing Program Leader, will lead the
discussion at each stop. One stop will be at a farm near Lincolnton that has
integrated the use of warm-season annual grasses into their farming practices,
allowing them to reduce hay feeding to only one month out of a normal year.
Livestock then graze in pastures the other 11 months.
We will start at the Newton Agriculture Resource Center, 1175 South Brady Ave
at 1 p.m. and again at 5:30 p.m. Transportation for the tour is available or you may
drive individually to the sites. For details, call your county agriculture extension
offices either in Newton (828-465- 8240) or Lincolnton (704-736- 8461). Or call
your Livestock Extension Agent for Catawba and Lincoln – Glenn Detweiler 405-