CALS Full Scholarship Opportunity!

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Each year, one of the awards listed on the website will offer an application to incoming freshmen who meet specific award criteria (requirements unique to each scholarship are listed online). Awards will be disbursed according to the following timeline:
  • Jarvis Warren Family Animal Industry Scholarship Endowment: 2019-2020 incoming freshman
  • Gordon Family Farm-to-Philanthropy Program: Spring 2020 (for incoming STEAM Spring Connection Freshmen)
  • Ruby Ernest McSwain Worth Lands Trust Agricultural Scholarship Endowment: 2020-2021
Recipients must continue to meet award criteria in order to receive funds throughout their four years in CALS.
Incoming freshmen meeting specific award criteria will be invited to apply for the applicable full-ride scholarship annually. Applicants will be required to complete a separate scholarship application unique to this scholarship. The applications include essays, contact information for references, and completion of the CALS Scholarship Application.
Questions from interested students can be sent to